Efficient Bar
Coding Technology

At C.A.L.M., we understand the importance of creating an efficient aviation management system. That is why we provide clients with state-of-the-art tools such as bar coding technology. When used in conjunction with other technology, you will achieve system integration and optimized maintenance management.

Label Design, Set-up, & System Integration

This feature eliminates data input errors and labor time. From receipt to stock room, from stock room to the maintenance floor, from the maintenance floor to the aircraft, or returns to the vendor, bar coding eliminates data input where possible errors can occur.

Additionally, physical inventories can be taken automatically with a swipe or scanner and input of quantities. C.A.L.M. provides an audit report that lists differences between the physical and perpetual inventories in both quantities and dollars.


Bar coding is designed to bring the power and accuracy of machine-readable code data to all aspects of aviation. You benefit from standard applicants or systems tailored to your operations by experienced consultants.

Bar Coding Advantages

Bar coding in general is accepted as reducing labor costs by as much as 75%. Advantages of using bar codes include:

Controlling the Movement of Inventory, In and Out
The Accurate Input of Data; Error-Free Data Entry
Efficiency in Dispensing of Parts
Speed and Accuracy in Taking of Physical Inventory

C.A.L.M. can incorporate all or parts of the following functions:

• Reading Bar-Coded Labels into Existing Fields in C.A.L.M.
• Create Bar-Coded Shelf Labeling for an Entire Spare Parts Inventory
• Labeling May Be Incorporated on Printable Service Tags
• Use of Portable Data Terminals for Physical Inventory Counts
• Use of Bar Code for Numbering Work Orders, Employee ID Tags, Locations, and Frequently Keyed Data

Hardware, Software, and Services


Labeling is a smart way to identify what needs maintenance and to keep a record of your maintenance work. C.A.L.M. systems can offer several different labeling solutions:

Pre-Printed - We can supply you with pre-printed labels in any format and any material--from paper to polyester, to heat resistant, to metal.
Label Design Software - This software allows you to create a label that is right for you.
Standard Bar Code Module - This product for C.A.L.M. users was designed to meet the needs of the typical single maintenance hangar and includes the following;

Software - C.A.L.M. Bar Coding enabling module 5 seat network Label Writer (Third Party) PDT Interface

1. Each Portable Data Terminal (PDT) with Accessories

• PDT Programming
• Label Design
2. Each Scanner-Keyboard Wedge (Tethered)
3. Days On-Site Training